Learn Hot English – December 2018

January 21, 2019

Learn-Hot-English-–-Issue-199 Learn Hot English – December 2018

Learn Hot English – December 2018
English | 49 pages | True PDF | 19.4 MB

Great news! The latest issue of Hot English (199) is out now! Learn over 1,000 useful words and expressions and improve your listening skills with Learn Hot English! This month: Learn how to negotiate in English – perfect for both business and your day-to-day life. We’ll teach you lots of useful tricks… in English! Plus, 8 useful words and expressions for talking about the bedroom, 10 useful words for the street, idioms, phrasal verbs… plus:

• Business – IKEA
• Jokes – jokes in English.
• Travel – the Lake District
• Functional language – paraphrasing
• Grammar – the adverb too
• Accents – the German English accent.
• Debate – videogames
• Education – weird courses
• Language – how to learn English grammar
• Literature – Charles Dickens
• Cinema – The Fockers
• Work – Jobs that disappeared… then came back!
• Family – in-laws
• The environment – biodiversity
• Music – Christmas songs

By reading and listening to all this great content, you’ll improve your English reading and listening skills and learn up to 1,000 useful words or expressions. Plus, you’ll get a better job and pass English-language exams more easily. Guaranteed!



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