Canadian Geographic – December 2018
Geography / November 7, 2018

download Canadian Geographic – December 2018 English | 196 pages | True PDF | 63.0 MB The fourth edition of the toughest Canadian geography quiz ever, with more than 300 brain-busting questions. You’ll find out where the “Raccoon Capital of the World” is, where the first dinosaur fossil in Canada was found and where the nation’s earliest explorers came from. Featuring iconic images from the Can Geo Photo Club, Canadian Geographic’s Ultimate Canadian Geography Quiz is a roundup of fascinating and fun facts that are sure to challenge you. download

Geography and You – October 2018
Geography / November 4, 2018

download Geography and You – October 2018 English | 60 pages | True PDF | 9.3 MB The election special issue, Vote for Reforms covers various aspects of electoral reforms in India, such as state funding of elections, simultaneous elections, analysis of various electoral systems, among others. We speak with the Chief Election Commissioner, Shri OP Rawat, on the feasibility of simultaneous elections and the need for electoral reforms. download

Geography and You – September 2018
Geography / November 4, 2018

download Geography and You – September 2018 English | 50 pages | True PDF | 7.9 MB This issue, Development Driven Disaster approaches the topic of disasters, disaster management and disaster reduction using analyses that are drawn from the sciences, social sciences. The central aspect this issue attempts to answer is whether unchecked development has caused a widespread occurrence of disaster events. We discuss the need to look at the phenomena of disasters from both a science and social science perspective, why the traditional notions of different phases of disaster need to be challenged, the technological aspects of disaster mitigation, among others. In the interviews section, we speak with Shri BH Anil Kumar, Executive Director, National Institute of Disaster Management and Dr Rakesh Kumar CSIR-NEERI. download